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Congratulations to June & Kelvin - 7 June 2008

June & Kelvin have been together for a good 10 years, no wait - 11 years!! They've been together since forever that everyone's excited they're finally tying the knot :) When we had our lil' reunion during Chinese New Year early this year we were already talking about it - June is getting married in June!!

They're both staying in the States now but being true Penangites at heart their wedding reception was held in Penang so that family and friends were there to share their happiest moment together :)

I headed back to Penang on Friday afternoon. Early morning the next day Ho Ming picked me up to June's place. We got a bit lost getting there.. but good thing we spotted a bridal car passing by which we suspected to be the groom's. Then about 7 -8 cars tailed behind and stopped at the middle of the road.. saw Jordan getting out of one of the cars and even caught a glimpse of Kelvin - immediately we knew we were heading the right direction ;)

Ho Ming and I were practically racing with the groom and his heng-tais as they announced their arrival with the loud continuous honking upon reaching June's place. It was kinda hilarious come to think of it.

The ji-muis were all prepared with some lil' games for Kelvin and his heng-tais before fetching the bride. Nothing too difficult - all in the name of fun :P

Who says we're evil? Even the groom is having fun!!

Kelvin even got his lollipop!! :P :P

The gross part - passing the tiny piece of star-shaped card from mouth to mouth. Uh-oh don't do it!! Well Jordan couldn't resist :P :P

Strictly 18-SX rated!!

Public display of affection - NOT on your wedding day, Kelvin!!

...Me and Li Ling (Kelvin's sis) watching from inside - totally amused!
***Taken by Ke Wynn the wedding photographer, who did an excellent job for their wedding :)

Kelvin being a good sport as usual :) Mission (Part 1, that is :P) accomplished ;)

Finally made their way up..

The ji-muis.. "Gulp down to the last drop!!"

Awwww so sweet!

A pic with the ji-muis :)

JUST MARRIED! Taken at Khoo Kongsi for their outdoor wedding shots

I love this pic - though not very professionally captured.. sorry it's taken with my HP point-n-shoot.

From left - Jordan, Woei Lih and Tat Sin.. all of whom I've not met in ages!! They've not changed much over the past decade haha..

I love the bouquet!

Purely self-entertaining :P :P

Me and Jordan

From left: Ho Ming, me, Ween, June, Sharm, Suv

Chilling out after a hot day out.. this was taken in E & O (Eastern & Oriental) Hotel where the wedding dinner was held.. very classy hotel still with its classic interior intact.. love it!

At the reception

Nice one for the album :)

The SGGS table :)

With the Chung Ling bunch..
From left: Ivan + girlfriend, Tat Sin, Vincent, Ween, me, Wooi Lim, Suv, Jordan

Me & Woei Lih

To Kelvin & June.. cheers! :)

June with the Georgian babes :)

Final shot for the night...

We went over for drinks at The Garage just opposite E & O but did not stay long.. just a lil' chilling out session before heading home.

It was a LOT of fun throughout the day - really great seeing this happy couple tying the knot! Was a good reunion for us too.. glad seeing ol' high school friends again and also the scouts bunch from Chung Ling we knew from the JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) camp way back in 1997. I guess the guiding and scouting spirit live on hence the sporting nature in us.. it really has liven up the happy occasion right from the morning :) Happy to see so many familiar faces again :)

To June & Kelvin: Was great catching up while you guys were in KL. Here's to wishing the both of you a journey of everlasting love and happiness together!! Hope to see you guys soon :) *hugs*

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