Wednesday, November 28, 2007

...Of a drive down south, work, and a good reunion :) MUAR 27 & 28 Nov 2007

Had a matter in Muar High Court today. A little short notice, having been informed to take over the file only on Monday.. but nonetheless it would a be a good opportunity to meet up with 2 of my former housemates (back in uni days) who are now back in Muar - Jacey and Mei Ching :) :) It was a coincident really.. I've been planning to visit Jacey and Mei Ching in Muar anyway, as I wanted to see Mei Ching's new-born baby.. and coincidently was assigned to Muar Court for work this time.

Not wanting to run the risk of getting lost in Muar town which I'm not familiar with, I decided to drive down on Tuesday night itself straight after work. I only managed to leave office at about 7pm, and when I reached Muar it was about 9.30pm.

Jacey met me at a petrol station having given me the directions. So good to see her again after more than a year. Last I've been to Muar was October last year during Mei Ching's wedding. After dropping off my stuff at her house, we drove out to pick up Mei Ching for dinner cum supper. We sorta got lost around Mei Ching's housing area.. coz Jacey insisted she knew the way and refused to call. But at last she gave in.. coz it was getting LATE!

The 3 of us had quite a feast that night, I must say. I loved the noodles - never tasted such delicious one before!! We also had a vege dish, curry prawns and steamed asam fish.. oh YUMMY!! I absolutely loved the prawns.. but towards the end we just couldn't take in anymore. I felt so guilty eating sooo much at such ungodly hour, but well.. company was good :) How often do the 3 of us get to "re-unite" like this? It was fun!! However, it would be perfect had See Ling be there with us :( [See Ling is our other housemate, she's back in Penang now]
That night I stayed up rather late. After having read through my pile of files, it was already 3.30am! Yet I refused to sleep.. so had a chat with Jacey till like.. 5am!! It's like the good ol' days again back in uni.. when we used to chat till late night. Jacey is the kinda person whom you can talk your heart out - the good and bad ones. So she now knows my little secret! :P

Had to wake up early for court, and by the time I was done with court it was already past noon. Jacey drove me to Mei Ching's shop. I was very excited coz I was gonna see her 3-month-old BABY BOY! He's adorable - now I understand what Jacey meant that he's really BIG for a baby! He looks round and healthy.. I think Mei Ching and hubby over-fed him :P Here are the pics (yes I brought my new toy :P)

He has the "siu-yeh" look :P
Mei Ching and baby.. Jacey and baby.. Me and baby..

Father and son look-alike! Happy Family :) Mei Ching, Jacey, me and BB!

Mei Ching, Jacey and I went for lunch and feasted again.. Muar sure does have good food!! After lunch and dropping off Mei Ching, Jacey drove me back to the court for I had some work to do. It was raining heavily in the afternoon, so didn't get to take more pics, but here's one I took earlier in the day..
Jacey brought me for a drive around Muar town. It has not changed much from what I remember. This is my 3rd visit here, my first being more than 2 years ago, when I came for a visit.. I remember I was in pretty bad a shape that time and had to get out of KL to spend some time alone.. but yet I needed some form of company.. a company of friends with whom I can totally just be myself.. Thanks Jacey and Mei Ching for being there :)

Jacey and I took a nap before we headed for dinner. We were so tired as we only slept for 3 hours! After dinner, it was time to bid farewell. It always feels heavy-hearted to say goodbye. I've had a good time though it was just for a day. If only See Ling was here too.. it would be THE perfect reunion! I was really tired from the lack of sleep and from all the driving, but it was worth every moment :)

Thanks Jacey and Mei Ching for everything, and special thanks for Jacey and family for letting me put up for the night.. can't thank you enough for spending the entire day (and night) with me :) Till we meet again... take good care!! *hugs*

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Toy - 23.11.2007

This new toy of mine is a dSLR, and the model is Olympus E-510 with 14 - 42mm kit lens:

I've always loved photography. It's like an art, and can be quite an addictive one too! So I finally decided to take a step further from my ol' faithful - the HP R607 point-and-shoot digital cam I've owned for 2 and a half years now.. and invest in a dSLR. Not easy though, to get the settings right. A long journey to go... but everything starts somewhere.

...Here's to the beginning of my photography affair!! ;)

Me checking out my new toy!

I noticed every photographer would have a "reflection" shot taken before the mirror, with the (d)SLR... So here's mine! *ehem*

Note: Images of the Olympus E-510 are taken from

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mum - 20.11.2007

Days before mum's birthday.. I was wondering: What to do.. where to bring her? It's a Tuesday (i.e. work day) so I was wondering where to celebrate..

I then came across this article in the newspaper, that there was going to be a charity piano recital by our local renowned pianist, Ng Chong Lim. It was to be held on the 20th and 21st Nov at Mega Deck Function Hall, KL Tower. This charity event was organized by the H.E.A.R.T. Foundation (Cambodia), in aid of the Lovely Nursing Centre and Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, homes for the abandoned elderly and children. I immediately thought this would be a good idea.. my mum would definitely enjoy the piano recital, and also good to do some charity, so I made a reservation for 2 tickets ;)

After finishing work, I rushed home to pick my mum.. then back to the city. We made it, despite the rain and the notorious KL jam. It started slightly later than scheduled, as we were waiting for the arrival of our little guests of honor - the orphans from the homes. They performed a song cum dance.. which the audience watched with delight. I'm just thankful that these innocent ones are in good hands, and hopefully under proper care and support, they would succeed in life just as any other kid with a complete family.

Ng then played pieces from 4 composers: Robert Schumann, Leos Janáček, Ottorino Respighi and Franz Liszt. The pieces were well-performed and the audience asked for more. It ended at about 10pm.

I then brought mum to a Thai restaurant, which Lik Xon brought me just the weekend before (thanks for the recommendation!!) It's called Green Lotus Cafe, located along this small alley behind Lot 10 - Walter Grenier Road, Off Imbi Road. Food was good, love the ambience.. very cosy. Will upload some pics when I get my hands on them :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Photo-Shooting Outing at Dusun Eco Resort

In anticipation of some nice scenery for some nature shots, Lik Xon and I went to Dusun Eco Resort situated along the highway leading to Genting Highlands. However, the "resort" did not quite turn out as what we've imagined... welllll........... what shall we say...........

Nonetheless we walked around the "resort" and took some shots. Lik Xon has been kind to lend me his Nikon D40 to experiment with. We came across a suspension bridge.. It didn't look like there was any breath-taking view (or anything else for that matter) at the other end.. but just for the sake of cheap thrill I decided to cross the bridge..

The suspension bridge

Mission (Impossible??) :
To get to the other end

Ok made it 1/3 of the bridge!

Me taking a shot of Lik Xon
taking a shot...

...and vice-versa...

View from the top (left)

View from the top (right)

Mission NOT Impossible:
Made it to the other end!! :P

Yo ppl... Can you spot me??! (Lik Xon needs new lens :P)
Although we were quite disappointed with the "resort", I nevertheless enjoyed myself. It's something unusual and out of city. I'm just so bored of the city and a little escapade would definitely brighten me up :)

The drive back to the city was good :) ...that's because I get to play with the camera (while Lik Xon drove :P hehe thanks!!) It was near evening so I managed to take some pics along the Genting highway at dusk.

Quite nice scenery, really (as compared to the so-called "resort" - sorry.. I just can't help ridiculing the fact that they even call it a "resort"!)

Must definitely thank Lik Xon for bringing me and also generously letting me have his dSLR to play with :P

Spotted some birds on the lamp
posts along Ampang MRR2..

I wonder if they escaped from
the zoo :P