Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Photo-Shooting Outing at Dusun Eco Resort

In anticipation of some nice scenery for some nature shots, Lik Xon and I went to Dusun Eco Resort situated along the highway leading to Genting Highlands. However, the "resort" did not quite turn out as what we've imagined... welllll........... what shall we say...........

Nonetheless we walked around the "resort" and took some shots. Lik Xon has been kind to lend me his Nikon D40 to experiment with. We came across a suspension bridge.. It didn't look like there was any breath-taking view (or anything else for that matter) at the other end.. but just for the sake of cheap thrill I decided to cross the bridge..

The suspension bridge

Mission (Impossible??) :
To get to the other end

Ok made it 1/3 of the bridge!

Me taking a shot of Lik Xon
taking a shot...

...and vice-versa...

View from the top (left)

View from the top (right)

Mission NOT Impossible:
Made it to the other end!! :P

Yo ppl... Can you spot me??! (Lik Xon needs new lens :P)
Although we were quite disappointed with the "resort", I nevertheless enjoyed myself. It's something unusual and out of city. I'm just so bored of the city and a little escapade would definitely brighten me up :)

The drive back to the city was good :) ...that's because I get to play with the camera (while Lik Xon drove :P hehe thanks!!) It was near evening so I managed to take some pics along the Genting highway at dusk.

Quite nice scenery, really (as compared to the so-called "resort" - sorry.. I just can't help ridiculing the fact that they even call it a "resort"!)

Must definitely thank Lik Xon for bringing me and also generously letting me have his dSLR to play with :P

Spotted some birds on the lamp
posts along Ampang MRR2..

I wonder if they escaped from
the zoo :P

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