Monday, January 21, 2008

Firm Trip - Bangkok & Pattaya 19 - 22 Jan 2008

The past weeks have been extremely stressful. Guess it was a good thing that this firm trip came along.. a lil' getaway from the stressful routine life. But to be honest I wasn't even really looking forward.. guess I was just too occupied to think of anything.

The night before the trip was a nightmare - working for more than 19 hours! I had to finish a rather lengthy submission before going on holiday.. and was working till 2.30am. Was a relief when I finally stepped out and locked up the office, but to my horror both the entrance and exit of the carpark were locked! The nasty security guards gave me a horrible time, insisting that I produce an authorisation letter before unlocking the gates for me to leave. I was fuming with anger with this absolute absurdity that I had to put up with at this ungodly hour, yet was way too drained to fight - I have had such a longgggg day that all I wanted was to go home and pack. I was this close to calling the police but figured out.. what good are they??!

Never had I felt this helpless and bullied before but there were 2 of them, against me. I hated it when I could not do anything to stand up for myself! But at 3am I finally gave in. I had to go back up to the office and write them a bloody authorisation letter. By then I was already in tears out of frustration.. and I felt bad my mum was worried sick about me - I felt so bad keeping her awake just to wait for me to be home.

I hated those security guards to my bones - as much as I hate to hate anyone!!

I left office at about 3.20am - reaching home in just 15 mins as the roads were empty, save for the clubbing crowd. I began to pack and only had less than an hour of sleep. My body was aching and sore, and my head very heavy. Sigh.. what a way to kick off a holiday :(

..Only hoped it'd get better. Like people say - when you're already at your lowest, it can't get any lower.. so whatever happens can only get better! That's optimitism for a start ;P

Chin Yee was sweet to pick me up from my apartment at like 7am! I felt bad she had to wake up so early for me :( Thanks lots dear!

Was sleeping all the way on the coach from KL Central to the LCC Terminal. Can't get enough of it!

Alright.. let the pics do the talking.. ;)

Wind Beneath My Wings!

Along the streets in Bangkok

This is where the famous Four-Faced Buddha is located

Bangkok at night..

Suan Lum night market :) Yay shopping!!

Opposite the Suam Lum night market

What's for supper????? *faints*
Okkkk.. No, thanks.. I'd rather starve!

Presenting... the contestants of Fear Factor!!

Uhhhh.. no pulling out??!

This one konk-ed out :P
Am glad I stayed away :P :P

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