Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!! :) :) :)

Here's to the brand new year with a brand new beginning of all beautiful things to come *cheers*

OK.. woke up EARLY this morning despite the countdown the night before.. A good start to the new year indeed ;)

Went to the Orchid Gardens today with some members from photomalaysia.com forum for photo-shooting. I brought my tripod this time (thanks to Lik Xon!)... And yay got more toys to play with, coz they are all far more well-equipped than I am :P It's during outings like these that I get to play with filters, polaroids, flash (with self-made diffuser!) other great lenses.. and most importantly very good tips from these professional photographers ;P I got very excited taking macro shots :) :)
** Thanks lots :) **

For a slideshow of the above, go to: http://picasaweb.google.com/ashonova/OrchidGardens

We finished shooting at about 1pm. By then I think I was already 3 shades darker :( Had lunch till about 2pm before leaving.
Later part of the afternoon Julia went sending cup-cakes to friends and I tagged along. We went all over KL. Santarina resumed work for 1st Jan as well!! :P We had dinner at Subang with her friends.. by the end of the day I was so tired and sleep-deprived from the accumulated lack of rest that I think I became quite hyper - it's a reverse kinda thing, I dunno why. When I'm hyper I talk a lot of... crap :P
Well since it's the new year - what are my new year resolutions?

1. Spend more time with dear ones - family and close friends
2. Learn Chinese (as in reading & writing) and maybe Japanese (if language 1 is successful :P)
3. Pick up more hobbies - maybe take up art classes, or some other crafts.. hehe and MAYBE diving!! :P ... and go for more orchestras and plays too!
4. Improve on current interest - photography :P
5. Explore new places.. and hopefully more trips!
6. ...the rest are more personal ones :P ... hehe... so it's strictly private & confidential :P


KM Lim said...

nice shots!

Ashley Chew said...

thanks :)
your shots are better!

KM Lim said...

haiya.. mine is mine urs is urs la.. urs are nice and good! cannot compare 1.. if compare then there wont be any newbie.. all pro conquer only

Yasir Rosli said...

I think my mind may implode from the beauty. Nice nice photos, I love them, especially the photo of the creek with the rushing water blurred. NIce