Monday, January 21, 2008

Pattaya 21.01.2008

We headed to Pattaya which was a couple of hours drive from Bangkok. It was evening when we reached, so we had dinner not long after checking in.

After dinner we were free on our own.. Not many of us went for the notoriously popular shows. I'm sure it would be quite an experience but I definitely wanted to roam the streets where it is livelier sunset onwards than any time during the day.

We went for drinks at this cafe cum restaurant across the beach. The singer was quite good so we made some song requests. We requested for 5, out of which they sang 2: Country Roads and More Than Words. I had wished they sang the catchy Happy Together by the Turtles :P

Ok.. here are the pics of night life in Pattaya..
Raymond posing :P

Cool car eh?
Some "food" I'll never bother trying!

Ronald McDonald: sa-wa-dee-kap!

Heineken anyone??

This is a pretty coool concept :)

Some random tourists who wanted a shot.. hmm must be the photographer *ehemmm* :P

Feasting session @ Pattaya :P

There's a feminine side in every macho man.. evidently so.. :P

Yummy!! Mango sticky rice!!

Went to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden the next day..

Group shot of colleagues

Aww.. This is so adorable!!

Some cultural show.. these were taken on 40 - 150mm zoom lens with the advantage of live view on my dSLR :) :)

Thai boxing.. not too convincing :(

A darting elephant!

Oh dear.. Watch your steps!!

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