Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mei Mei in KL!

Mei Mei is down here in KL for almost a week! Yay would be a great chance to catch up :) :) It has been such a long while since we had a chance to hang out..

On the first night we went to Sky Bar.. it was a relaxing evening just chatting and lazing.. enjoying the music and of course, the company!

Night view of KLCC from the Sky Bar

The following nights we hung out together as much as we could. Went for orchestra at Dewan Philharmonic Petronas and there was also this entire night we spent at Redbox. Yes, 5 solid hours of karaoke!! One of the rare occasions but I had so much fun that night! We started off with some oldies and songs from the 90's (age is catching up).. suddenly I came across Gangsta Paradise.. selected that song and we started rapping the chorus away.. OMG I couldn't believe the craziness in us - was such a stress-relieving night :P We also sang some old songs by Bon Jovi, Linkin' Park etc etc.. haha :P

I'm really glad we had a good few days to hang out together. We used to hang out so much during Sixth Form but since then we had gone on separate paths. Distance may be something that physically separates us but our friendship has always kept us close to the heart :)

*Hugs.. my dear Sui Sui :P*


KM Lim said...

wahhh.. mei mei pretty oh

Ashley Chew said...

sure lah.. her name is already mei mei ;) hot chic!!

KM Lim said...