Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another year WISER ;)

It's time of the year again when I get.. wiser ;)
Had a small birthday dinner with close friends at Tony Roma's at the Pavilion. I had a really great time and hope everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as I did!

To all of you there that night: I don't know how to thank you enough for the wonderful time and prezzies :) Am really blessed to have you guys around :) *BIG HUGSSSS*

These cupcakes were made by Julia and Tania. Aww.. am really touched by the thoughtfulness ;) They are better than any other cupcake I've ever had!!

Karen, Alan, me

Alan & me

Julia, me, Tania

Karen, Alan, me, Sharon

Nasreen & me

Pek Wan & me

Group pics :)

A very happy ME :) :) :)

Karen & me
Alan & me

At Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square

Tania & Phaik Geng

A shot with the Alans - Lee on my right; Leong on my left ;)

A reunion of 2 high schoolmates!! ;)

**Pics courtesy of Julia and Alan (Lee) Thanks lots!!

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