Sunday, March 23, 2008

Girly Nite @ Sheraton-Imperial

Just before Ween headed back to Penang, we decided to catch up for one last time. I did not manage to join Ween and Evonne for dinner as was stuck in the jam getting back from F1, but later caught up with them and spent some time at Ween's hotel just lazing around.

Ween was so sweet she made a cake for me :) Awwwww... it's such a pretty cake and a very very yummy one as well! So glad the 3 of us managed to catch up again just before Ween left :)

Pretty in Pink ;)

Me, Ween, Evonne

Ween: Was so glad to catch up.. esp watching Ah Long Pte Ltd haha.. a good laugh and a good company ;)
Evonne: We should hang out more often since we're both in KL! ;)

*** It's a whole lot sweeter when your friends make you a birthday cake / cupcakes.. and they mean so much more than getting any expensive cakes out there. Sweet to the bones!! Thanks lots to Ween, Julia & Tania :)

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