Thursday, August 21, 2008

Malaysian International Fireworks Competition 2008

20 Aug 2008, Putrajaya - Team Canada

A year has passed since the last MIFC. It's time of the year again to watch fireworks.. yay :) I did not get to watch the fireworks by team Malaysia and China as I was still in Sabah and Brunei then.. so the earliest I could catch was by team Canada :)

Kuan Shern happens to be in KL for MAHA '08 exhibition in Serdang, which is not far from Putrajaya. We had a quick dinner at Alamanda before the fireworks.. but we were already late and the roads leading to Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) were closed to vehicles :( Called Daniel (from my usual photography bunch) who directed me to the road leading to Cyberjaya where we could get a good view across the lake. Thank goodness for the experts! ;)

My first attempt at fireworks.. all taken with my Olympus E-510 equipped with the 40-150mm ZD lens, mode set to "M" at 5 sec exposure time and aperture at F8.. ISO 100.

A quick shot of the bridge before packing up :)

Most of my shots were crappy :( but then enjoyed the fireworks and it was great catching up with Kuan Shern in KL.. usually we only catch up in Penang haha!

Well next is team Spain on Sunday, 24 Aug and the finale by last year's MIFC champion - team Australia on 29 Aug :)

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CrystalZeph said...

Hey gal, late in commenting but the firework pics are fab! you really have advanced since our day of perching in sri wangsaria one new year's eve.. he he. can't wait to see more pics!