Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A most rewarding experience.. my work published *grins*

There was an email from The Malaysia Page team which I overlooked.. it got "drowned" along with the other emails in my mailbox when I was away on recent trip to Sabah and Brunei. It suddenly caught my attention as I was slowly going through my inbox..

Well there was this photo I submitted for the publication of Malaysia 50 Years: The Commemorative Book some time last year. I got an email from them the same day asking for the location and a description of the photo, and how I came up with the title "A Stroll Down Memory Lane". I did reply, and that was the last I heard from them.. I thought.. oh well, probably it's not good enough for publication..

Ok fast forward to this present email from the Director of Quachee Enterprise - was asked to provide my h/p number as the courier service came by to deliver the book, but no one was in.. hmm I got a bit hopeful but dare not get my hopes too high :P

The book was finally delivered to my office last Friday. I flipped through the book and saw the photo I submitted there!! Though this humble shot of mine is nothing to shout about as compared to the rest of the brilliant captures by other contributors, it is very motivating and I definitely hope to improve my photography skills with time and experience :)

It is such a rewarding feeling, esp for a first-timer! :) :) :) I was totally thrilled by it.. it soooo made my day.. still does! *grins* What an honor to be part of this ;)

Hehe so excited I was that I even took a pic of it :)

The book: 50 +1 . malaysia - a showcase of places, food, people & love

The photo I submitted: A Stroll Down Memory Lane - pic taken within the vicinity of the famous Jonker Street, Malacca some time in May 2007.

The same is found in my picasa web album here: http://picasaweb.google.com/ashonova/Malacca

A kind acknowledgement from the Director of QuaChee Ent. :)

50 +1. malaysia is a comprehensive guide to everything a Malaysian needs to know; even more so a foreigner! Flipping through the colorful pages of the book reminds me of what a beautiful place Malaysia is with its unique characteristics that no other can replace. It also gave me more ideas as to where to go for photo-shooting.. hoping to explore all these places with friends and fellow photography enthusiasts.. not forgetting more food-hunting hehe!

A note of appreciation to the publisher for this fascinating book. Thank you for making us Malaysians proud of our country and our roots. It is a remarkable effort indeed!

For further info on the publisher, please go to: http://www.quachee.com/.


KM Lim said...


Great work wor

I can dream of having my work publish


Ashley Chew said...

Thanks :) Your works are good too!! You're just being too modest :P

CityBasher said...

Congrats! -=aic=-

M.Y said...


Good job. SooooOooooo when are you going to take a photo of Penang and submit to anything that comes along?

farah said...

congratzzzzz my dear ashley..

Ashley Chew said...

Thanks citybasher @ aic, m.y and farah :)

m.y: I'll try my best.. skills still lacking. The Malacca shot is by sheer luck :P

Flasher said...

Wah sei.. how come keeping this a secret from skrewskrew? Luckily chief dig this out.. notti ash..

CompMac said...

Congrats Ash!! Even though it's a wee bit late, this happy news should be shared to all.

Ashley Chew said...

Thanks lots flasher and compmac! :)

Chief "digged" this out??! Nah I wasn't hiding this from the forum.. Blu knew about this :P I was happily announcing in the shoutbox the moment I got the book :P

Err btw, who's flasher? Pls identify yourself hehe ;)