Sunday, September 30, 2007

Congratulations, Lyn May & Alvin! 29.09.2007

I recall receiving a phone call from Lyn May when I was out doing CNY shopping at Mid Valley last year - she and Alvin have registered.. as in husband and wife in the legal context.

My surroundings were noisy, yet I could practically hear her happiness and felt my very own :) I was beaming as she broke the good news. She said they were planning to have their wedding ceremony and reception some time the following year - September 2007, and she wanted me to be her bridesmaid! What honor :) :)

Lyn May is like a childhood friend to me. We got to know each other since Primary 1 and we were only 7 at that time. We were classmates for a couple of years. Lyn May is quite an adventurous person, and together we've had our "adventurous" moments. In a way we have quite some similarities in the sense that we're both the only child, and our birthdays are just 2 days apart.

We went to the same high school too :) Though we were never in the same class, but throughout the 5 years we car-pooled (we stay very near each other too!), so there's always a bond there. Throughout the years we also went to the same tuitions, and I remember us taking an art class together, where we would sometimes just go playing at the field and the nearby playground. In highschool we also joined the Girl Guides and eventually the Ranger's Unit, and had been to some camps together. Those were the good ol' days :) :)

Lyn May left high school for college, while I stayed on for Sixth Form.. but we always met up for drinks and we would catch up from wherever we left from. Subsequently I left Penang for KL for uni, and now for work.. but whenever I'm back in good ol' Penang.. she's definitely one of whom I would call out for drinks.

Thanks, May... for being one whom I can call a true friend :) I may not always be able to catch up with you given the distance, but I want you to know that you're always close to my heart :)

Ok now back to the present: Before I knew it, more than a year and a half has passed and it was their wedding already! I felt bad I was not of much help, with me being here in KL and them in Penang. I headed back to Penang on Thursday, and had the last minute alteration to the bridesmaid dress sorted out. On Friday night went over to Lyn May's place for a buffet dinner.

Came Saturday morning, as I was driving along the road to Lyn May's house, it felt really unusual. It wasn't like any other time when I would just drive to pick her up for drinks or whatever, but I was go to attend her WEDDING!! The feeling was hard to explain, but every bit of it was happiness for her and Alvin.

I was very excited for her, but don't think I showed it. Must maintain calm so as to not make the bride feel anxious as well! She looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown.. it was not only the gown.. it was the glow of happiness that made her shine. Her parents are really happy too.. oh such a happy occasion!!

At about 10.15am, the loud sound of prolonged honking announced the arrival of the groom and his party. The "ji-muis" were giving the groom and the "heng-tais" a tough time downstairs, but later on I heard that the tasks were not that merciless. Alvin and gang fought their way upstairs and before we knew it, the door flew open. I guess Alvin has long awaited this moment, so lets pardon him for not knocking before entering :P Well, there Alvin is.. looking handsome and macho.. rest assured he has already won Lyn May's heart!

After fetching the bride, we proceeded to the groom's house for tea-ceremony. On the way there, we passed by our old primary school - SRK Bukit Gelugor along Yeap Chor Ee Road. Fond memories of us playing our little childhood games at the school grounds came flooding by :)
It was quite entertaining what the "aunty" said during the ceremony.. we had some good laughs. Having done with the tea-ceremony and the family phototaking, we returned to the bride's house for another round of tea-ceremony, for the bride's side of family. It ended at about 1pm. Boy I was pretty exhausted by then!

The wedding dinner was held at Tanjung Bungah Hotel. Went early at about 3pm. Poor Lyn May and Alvin had a lot of finalizing to do. Getting married is not easy at all! The dinner started with the grand entrance of the groom and bride, with Alvin singing the chorus part of "I Swear". Awww that was sweeeet!! My job for the day was almost done by mid-dinner, after Lyn May had changed to her final gown of the day.. though was on stand-by mode whenever needed. I noticed however, that the bestman was a photographer that night so his job was not quite done yet :P Quite a dashing one - I must say!

The dinner ended late, as everyone had a great time and never wanted it to end. I left at about 12.30am, all exhausted but very happy for both Lyn May and Alvin :) :)
To Alvin & Lyn May: Here's to everlasting love and happiness *cheers*

I do not have pics of their wedding yet, as I was quite occupied that day and did not have the time and chance to take pics :( Here's the only one I have for now (thanks, Raymond!)
Will upload when I have more :)

Lyn May and I, taken before Alvin and gang arrived :)

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"A Chocolate A Day Keeps The Doctor At Bay.." said...

Soree la fren.. I just came across this post today. A bit outdated (9 months outdated to be more precise..hehe)

Thank you so much for being such a magnificent pal to me all these years since Primary One *cough*and not to mention buying me glider food whenever you drive back to PG*cough* :P

I genuinely appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart..