Sunday, September 2, 2007

Putrajaya Fireworks

Fireworks are such pretty sight... they are like flowers blooming in the sky.. or like droplets of diamonds against the dark skies (oh yes, how I wish!! :P) So romantic, aren't they?

Was really excited when I heard about the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition to be held in Putrajaya from 18 August till 2 September 2007. I brought my mum and we went on Wednesday, 22 Aug - the country competing that night was Australia.

At about 10pm, the skies just lit up with colors.. as if the night has just come to live! Indeed they were just sooooo pretty, even more so as they were musical fireworks, and they're pretty synchronized. The fireworks lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes.

I bought tickets for the Finale night on 2 Sept.. so we could get a closer view from the observation deck. We undoubtedly had a much closer view, but I was pretty annoyed at the fact that spectators stood on the chairs instead of sitting on them. As it was musical fireworks, there were some really low ones so we were unable to watch those. It was like a distorted picture.. the piece of art was just incomplete :(

Well, nonetheless I've seen the prettiest fireworks ever. Thank goodness for the close view, those fireworks that really shot up to the skies were amazing! I love the feeling of watching them at a close distance - the feeling is even more magical.. like it's raining diamonds!! It was a magnificient thing. Mum enjoyed it very much too. Am glad I brought her.. wouldn't want her to miss such fine things in life!

The Australian team won.. which was the team of the first night we came for! The fireworks display lasted for about 30 minutes, as it was the Finale, so we managed to catch a glimpse of the work of each competing country :)

The jam was bad... really really bad. But the picture of those beautiful fireworks re-playing itself in my head makes up for everything else :) Hopefully there's another one next year!! (probably then I'll bring my own chairs :P)

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