Saturday, December 22, 2007

Congratulations to Steven and Phoebe! 21.12.2007

Awwww that's our dear little Phoebe! - that was what I said to Ee Ling as the bride and groom walked into the hall.

Phoebe is my dear chambie mate back at Tay & Partners. Chambering days were a lot of fun with her around.. she's this incredibly sweet and thoughtful friend who goes all way out to help a friend in need. And she has such a angelic smile that melts everyone's heart.. of course.. it was Steven's heart that she melted that we were here today witnessing this beautiful union of love :)

Steven: Hmmmm who has stolen my bride??!!!

The past and present Tay & Partners gang ;)

Julia and me :)

It was a lovely occasion :) The band even sang "Country Roads".. which I absolutely love! :P

Dinner ended at about 11pm. I headed home in a hurry coz was gonna drive down to Penang that very night to attend another wedding the following day - Ivan and Vivian's ;)

...take me home, oh country roads!! ;)

*** Thanks Julia for the pics :)

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