Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Reunion of Sorts @ Bangkok Jazz

Some ex-Georgians (from St George's Girls School) were planning a little reunion last night at Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square :)

The first person I met up with was Grace, who just came back from the UK for a short break (Welcome back, Gracie!!) We have not seen each other in... wait, let me count... maybe 6 - 7 years?! Most of the time you don't realize it, but when you start counting.. looking back, you'd realize a good decade (or close) has passed! Like now, it's almost a decade since I finished Form 5! It scares me how time flies in just the blink of the eyes.

Grace and I went to have dinner at the Pavillion. It was a good catching up session :) :) What's up with you.. Who are you going out with.. Where are you working at.. What are your plans.. etc etc.. and of course we talked about common friends.. had such a good time. We walked around the Pavillion for a while while waiting for people to call.. Pavillion is a nice place - clean, spacious, and elegant. BUT of course, the downside - a lot of expensive stuff only for the eyes!

We went over to Bangkok Jazz at about 10pm. Syaz and Suv were already there. It was just a small little reunion.. with a few others who couldn't make it last minute. The band playing that night was good, but I think it was a little too loud.. coz it was supposed to be a jazz bar.. and jazz is supposed to be soothing and not that loud. Singer was good too.. I fell in love with this Malay song that she sang and asked the waitress to find out the title - it was Debu-Debu Cinta by Misha Omar :)

Melissa (Liew) joined us later on.. Ah that's my senior in Girl Guides who's fighting with me (on Facebook) coz she said we were in Bougainvilla Patrol while I insist we were in Hibiscus (and I have Lyn May on my side to support! :P)

We didn't stay too long after that, left at about 12.30am. Syaz + friend, Suv and Grace proceeded to the Heritage Row.. though I somehow was in a clubbing mood.. but decided to call it a night as I was quite tired. Grace will be back again in April next year.. so we've already made our lil' "date" for a good catching up cum clubbing session ;P

Would be good to catch up again really.. It feels good catching up with old friends, especially from high school :) As much as we always vow to catch up more often, we always tend to get too caught up with our own things. Lets hope our next session won't be too long :)

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