Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Origins of "Life's Little Angles"

Ok I've been meaning to post this in a new category but am not familiar with how this works. So am gonna just post it here as one of the archives:

"Life's Little Angles"

...Just like photography, where it's all about capturing the scene and/or moment at its best angle - same goes for life.. it's the perspective. Whether the scene (or situation, in the context of life) is picturesque or hideous (or the in-between - being ordinary), it very much depends on where our position is and our angle of view at the entire picture.

The power to change the scene may not be well within our means, but we have the absolute power to shift position and subsequently looking at it from a different angle. It may not be that perfect picture we've always wanted, but a different angle does make a difference.

Go ahead - be that photographer, be that director!

And that's how this lil' blog of mine derives its title...

Well... so what's your angle today?

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