Sunday, December 23, 2007

Congratulations to Ivan and Vivian! 22.12.2007

Vivian and me in RED - red was our school colour, you see......

Vivian (a.k.a Chen Chyi) is a good friend from high school :) We were never in the same class throughout those 5 years, but being in the Girl Guides movement has brought us close. We were in the same patrol in quite a number of camps.. and it's through all these that we shared so much over our teenage years in high school. These are the moments in life that would always remain fond.

We also went to the same tuition classes.. where we would sit at the back and well.. at times made efforts to pay attention :P We would spend hours chatting on the phone so much so that I could dial her number in total darkness at a speed faster than the speed dial function available on the mobile phones these days :P and I'm NOT exaggerating!
Though we have gone on separate paths since we left high school, we have always been keeping in touch and filling each other with updates. I really treasure this bond and hope it remains strong :) I could not make it to their wedding in Hong Kong on 7.7.2007.. but I'm glad to be able to attend their wedding dinner back in good ol' Penang :)

Looking at their wedding pics taken in HK has always made me smile.. they look like such a blissful couple I couldn't help but feeling very very happy for them :)
To Ivan & Vivian: Here's to everlasting love and happiness!

Tonight, watching them in person.. walking in as bride and groom was just beyond words. They look so loving and happy together like a perfect match made in heaven. The video montage too was brilliantly done, capturing all the sweetest moments! It's at times like this I could feel my own tears of happiness threatening to escape from the eyes *awwww*

Their wedding was in such grand scale, with relatives and friends coming from afar to share this lovely moment. The wedding photographer, Louis Pang, did a great job too. I can't wait to see the full set when they're all done :)

It was also a great time for us ex-Georgians too as we had our little reunion :) So happy to see old friends from high school. I think none of us have changed much.. we're still very much young at heart, just like those days in school :)

Ween, me, Vivian, Ayu

Ayu, Syaz, me, Suv

Ai Kim, Sharm, me, Suv, Evonne, Sara

This photo was taken at Mois:
Jayson, Taka, me, Suv


Momo said...

Dearie, you look absolutely gorgeoud in that red dress!! Where did you get that dress? WOW!

CrystalZeph said...

hehe u wore the red dress. :D

* * sHeReNe * * said...

I love the pictures!! You looked the hottest in fire engine red!! I wish I could have been there with you girls!! I miss you lots!!

Ashley Chew said...

Thanks for the compliments *blush*
Everyone looked gorgeous that night :) esp Vivian!

Momo: I got it from a boutique in Bukit Bintang :) Bring you there when you come visit me ;)

Crystalzeph: Yeah I did :P hehe!

Shere: Oh you should've seen Diana.. she was in fire engine red too, and was stunning ;) Wish you were there babe.. missing you heaps too.. come back soon!!