Sunday, December 23, 2007


Back to Home Sweet Home..

Met up with Beng Meng and Choon Im today for dim sum breakfast :) Had trouble waking up this morning coz was too exhausted from the midnight drive on Friday night and the wedding plus the late night out. Think I'm so gonna be worn out by the end of this trip home! Well, what's new?? :P

It was definitely worth the lack of rest coz it's always good catching up with old friends, esp Choon Im whom I've not seen for more than a year!!

After breakfast I went to the jetty to shoot some pics :) Decided that I should really shoot some pics of my very own hometown now that I'm back :)

This one is my personal favourite :)

Look! It's a plane!! (Can you spot it??)

12pm: When the sun is at its hottest!!

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