Saturday, December 8, 2007

My New Toy's Day Out @ Lake Gardens & KLCC - 8.12.2007

Of late I've been craving for some adventures.. ok not "adventures" in its true sense, but I just wanted to do something out of the ordinary.. and not the normal routine of hanging out in the concrete jungle (a.k.a. KL)..

And of course, having bought my new toy, I've never really brought it out to play :P So I decided to bring it to the Lake Gardens and take some nature + macro shots.. lets give a try at that!

So this I headed in the afternoon. Weather was fine (as compared to the past few days when it practically rained non-stop).. Was rather hot actually, luckily I applied sun-block!

Walked around, took quite a lot of macro shots.. "a lot" in the sense that I probably took like 20 of each flower :P haha. It was really interesting.. and it got addictive! I tried out different angles and tried out the different settings of aperture, and also macro mode.

Some of my first few attempts at macro shots :)

Am pretty fascinated with these white flowers (as you can judge from the number of pics I've shot):

Oh spotted a purple one too!

Saying a lil' silent prayer as I was shooting this pic:

Saw some volunteers (including a kid) going around Lake Gardens with this HIV+ awareness campaign.. such good deeds on a Saturday afternoon :)


I was already in my car when I realized I couldn't find my lens cap. I swear I remember putting it in my bag!! But I just couldn't find it. I thought probably I've dropped it along the way so I went tracking the paths I've been to earlier.. and when I reached this confined garden, to my dismay the gate was locked! Apparently they lock it at 5pm.. God knows whatever for!

Was running late!! Was supposed to meet a Blu (a member of forum to go for the PC Fair at KLCC. He called at that very moment so I quickly asked how much a lens cap would cost. He said it would probably be expensive.. oh dear! :( :( Gotta find it!!

So I tried to ask around if the staff holding the key was still around.. but unfortunately has left. So there was this staff who suggested this: Why don't you climb over the gate??

Believe it or not.. that was exactly what I did! Talk about adventures.. little did I know what I was asking for! *faints* As I was at the top of the gate... crossing over to the other side, I paused for a while to figure out how to. At that very moment, I recalled this exact feeling I experienced during a camp I attended during those Girl Guiding days in high school - I was climbing over this commando net (a lot higher than this gate!) and I too paused as I reached the top figuring out how to cross over. Luckily I didn't fall then - lets hope there's no exception this time!

As I was climbing out.. there was a guy jogging past. His eyes were wide-opened and his jaw dropped at the sight of me performing the stunt. I wish he had been more subtle in his expressions *sighs* As if I very much wanted to be at that position I was!!

Btw, the staff too climbed over to help me look for it (Thank You!) We couldn't find it. I decided to just forget it *ouch*

Upon reaching KLCC, Blu searched my camera bag thoroughly and OMG there it was in one of the compartments! I was soooo embarassed.. all the stunts for nothing! But I ain't complaining having found the lens cap :P

...and that's the story (morning glory) of a most bimbotic day I felt.. haha.

KLCC at dusk

PC Fair was not so crowded when we reached. I tried out the macro lens at Olympus booth.. am tempted but let me master some skills first (not to mention save more money!)


CrystalZeph said...

haha..i love the caption of the picture with the insect.

m.y said...

Ashley, this is just so you lorh. Always pulling out stunts. But i am of no lesser lorh. Remember those times of crisis i thought i was having, "MENINGJITIS" and i called you. GET OVER HERE. SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEE